Zoning for ADU, online

For the lucky residents of San Jose and San Francisco, you can check the possibility of an ADU online. Yes, you read it right. Symbium is using its computational law engine for zoning regulations and streamlining the ADU developments across California with its complex approach. You can go on www.symbium.com, type in your address and get the regulations spelt out for you. Not only that, you might also get a suggestion of a builder, as well as play with placing the unit on your lot. Magic.

Photo by Andrea Davis on Pexels.com

Legislative changes to simplify building ADU in California

In California, wide change legislation came into effect from January 2021. Some changes that make it easier to build an ADU :

  • Shorter approval time of just 60 days against the 4 months earlier help manage the schedules.
  • The ADUs can go up to 1200 sq. ft and cannot be rejected based on the minimum lot size restrictions.
  • Relaxed parking restrictions help to increase the number of properties able to build an ADU.
  • Restrictions relating to owner occupancy of the main house or the ADU have been removed for now. Hence even a homeowner who is not occupying the main house or the ADU can go for home additions. He can rent out both the Main house and ADU separately till 2025.

ADU industry is new. Remember to select the professional who knows their ADUs.

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