ADU permit in 60 days

No comments in 60 days – consider it approved.

I have heard stories of homeowners waiting for two years to get their ADUs permitted. That was before 2020. Today, statewide, if you get no comments from your planning department in 60 days, you may consider your ADU approved.

To quote the government: This bill would instead require a local agency to ministerially approve or deny a permit application for the creation of an accessory dwelling unit or junior accessory dwelling unit within 60 days from the date the local agency receives a completed application if there is an existing single-family or multifamily dwelling on the lot. …If the local agency has not acted upon the completed application within 60 days, the application shall be deemed approved.

How about calling it good news?

But there is always a catch, right? Have you noticed? A completed application.

Second catch? ADU permit in 60 days does not happen when there is a raging pandemic.

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