Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is the easiest way to add space in California. We will help you build an ADU that is a good match for your budget, location, timeline, style and family situation.

We are your “single application” to multiple builders (and that means multiple bids!). Do not lock yourself out of options by signing with one builder too soon. Order our feasibility report that covers multiple options and fits your family and budget.

Our feasibility report, priced at $870, covers site suitability, local ordinance research and all possible ADU options that will work on your property. We determine if the ADU is a right fit for the property, as there are multiple ways to add space, and sometimes an ADU is not the best way.

Still in research mode? Here are DIY steps to build your backyard cottage:

  1. Wish list – what exactly you need and why. Define budget.
  2. Site feasibility – what you and your builder need to know about your property.
  3. Secure financing. It is available, whatever your situation is.
  4. Select design, then construction method and builder.
  5. Select finishes and fixtures to confirm scope and budget. Finalize plans. Let your builder apply for permit.
  6. Preparation. Utilities work. Foundation. Building.
  7. Pass building inspection and celebrate.

ADU – What does it mean?

Accessory Dwelling Unit. A secondary home, on the same lot as the main house, that provides sleeping, eating and hygiene comforts. It can be detached, attached or converted from existing space.

What does ADU mean in real estate? Property value increase. Option for additional rental income. Flexible housing that lets you host extended family or downsize without selling.

For kids? For parents? Modern? Traditional? 2 bedrooms? 2 bathrooms? Attached? Detached? Junior? Custom? Modular? Home office? Guest house? What is a priority – cost or time?

Accessory Dwelling Unit, often called granny unit, secondary home, in-law unit, garden or backyard cottage, coach house, pool house or even a bunkie, – is an affordable housing solution perfect for passive income, multigenerational living or home office. It is also flexible enough to change its purpose as family needs change.

I am an ADU professional, and I was glad to see that your content to homeowners was accurate and varied. It wasn’t a “sales pitch” like I’ve seen from others. Truly sessions to educate and direct people to the right resources.

I thought the discussion about construction was most useful since it helped bridge the gap between design and construction on small projects.

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I had been thinking about ADUs for some time but didn’t know where to start. It was super helpful to hear from a variety of professionals AND to hear questions from homeowners further along than myself.  

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We have made it our business to know as many ADU builders as possible – our founder is an ADU Specialist. This is why we can match your needs to the correct builder quickly.

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