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Invest into an ADU in your backyard  to add more livable space for rental income, work, home school, man cave, she shed, guest house, home for your adult kid or parent.

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ADU is a small home

Detached ADU is a small house. Backyard home, officially called Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), also known as granny unit, secondary home, in-law unit, garden or backyard cottage, coach house, casita, pool house or even a bunkie, is the best, and fast, way to add more space to your house. It is not a shed, it will have eating, living, hygiene and sleeping facilities. Its permitting is streamlined. You can get it built in 6 months (time to permit excluded). It is flexible in use and can be rented out when not needed by the family. A detached accessory dwelling unit does not trigger tax increase for the main house. It increases the home value. Investing in your backyard is literally a no regret move.

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How to start your ADU project

Wish list – what exactly you need and why. Define budget.

Site feasibility – what you and your builder need to know about your property.

Secure financing. It is available, whatever your situation is.

Select design, then construction method and builder.

Select finishes and fixtures to confirm scope and budget. Finalize plans. Let your builder apply for permit.

Preparation. Utilities work. Foundation. Construction.

Pass building inspection and celebrate.

We have made it our business to know as many ADU builders as possible – our founder is a certified ADU Specialist. This is why we can match your needs to the correct builder quickly, why we know what is needed for permits and have everything in house to prepare, why ADU builders hire us to help their clients.

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Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is the best way to add living space fast and, when built right, a great investment that increases your family wealth, as soon as construction is over.

Let us get started and build your detached ADU; Panelized, Modular or Custom. We have a plan for any shape and a crew for every kind. In fact, we have more than 200 plans in our library.

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