The guru of ADU land

If one could name just one ADU advocate, it will definitely be Kol Peterson. The resource that he had collected over the years is incredible.

He is thorough. His advice on planning is 10 steps. The best part:

Take your time with the design. Go back and forth with your designer and your builder, and make sure you’re very happy with every detail of the design. Build a 3D model: your ADU will look a lot like your 3D model, so spend some time lounging and walking around inside your 3D model.  This is a huge financial investment- it is worth the extra energy up front to dial in your design before you submit it to the permitting office.

We are not sure what exactly he means by walking around you 3D model, but we will definitely ask him! In the meantime, you can ask us for the 3D model of your ADU:) We promise you can have your virtual walkthrough!

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