How to make your home even more comfortable and … spacious?

In 2020 the notion of home changed overnight. Home became office, school, gym, day care center, and the list goes on. If you are lucky to own a home in California, we have some good news for you.

There is a new trend in California – Accessory Dwelling Unit.

January 2020 saw major changes to legislation re ADUs, and these changes made it so much easier to add extra square footage. We used to call them granny flats or in-law units. Now they can be as fancy as the main house.

We are installing a lot of mini splits in these backyard cottages these days.

Would you like to know more about ADUs? We have partnered with a certified ADU specialist to help you figure out if an ADU is possible on your property and what you can actually build. You might be surprised, but anything under 800 sf is by right. And an ADU can be as small as 150 sf and as big as 1200sf.

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