How to become a landlord?

If this is the first time you are considering to become a landlord, there is a solution. The Landlord Certification course will focus on both the advantages of being a landlord as well as the duties and laws that you must follow to be successful. From finding tenants to the business of being a landlord,Continue reading “How to become a landlord?”

Building without scope of work is a recipe for disaster.

Scope of work in construction is jargon for a recipe. You start building when you have scope of work under control. Doing so without one is a recipe for disaster. And that might be a very expensive mistake when it comes to construction in the Bay Area. (For disclosure, correct scope of work is the reason HomeWiP hadContinue reading “Building without scope of work is a recipe for disaster.”

ADU in the East Bay?

We have just spent an engaging hour with Loni Gray, ADU advisor and Catalyst – she has been helping homeowners add space with ADUs in Oakland and surrounding areas. If you have missed the event, and would like to learn more about Loni, please check out her website. She has also shared a wonderful resourceContinue reading “ADU in the East Bay?”

Is modular construction better?

Have you always wondered if modular construction is an environmentally better option? Building Green has recently did a write up on 13 potential sustainability benefits of modular construction. In case you are wondering, what is Building Green: BuildingGreen, Inc. is an independent, mission-based consultancy and publisher based in Brattleboro, Vermont. For over 20 years, BuildingGreenContinue reading “Is modular construction better?”