Advantages of building an in-law unit as ADU

TLDR: this is a faster, more flexible solution. Recently, new legislation that makes it easier for homeowners to build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) has come into effect in California. This legislation could not have come at a better time as ADU homes solve many issues, including reducing the housing crisis in California and giving homeownersContinue reading “Advantages of building an in-law unit as ADU”

Green Building and ADUs

How do CalGreen Building Code requirements relate to ADUs? CalGreen Mandatory Measures are a requirement of the California Green Building Standards Code. These mandatory measures are required on all new homes and residences. Furthermore, they also apply to additions and alterations which increase the building’s conditioned area, interior volume, or size.  But be careful, notContinue reading “Green Building and ADUs”

Estimating change orders

There are two extreme points of view in construction – one side thinks change orders are evil, the other calls them a blessing. Why? The first group is worried about being efficient. And about how adding to scope of work delays the job’s completion and makes the schedule go South. The second group takes advantageContinue reading “Estimating change orders”