Which ADU works for you?

Tiny studio ADU
~230 SF studio
~500SF one bedroom unit
~900 SF two bedroom unit
~920 SF two bedroom unit
~950 SF two bedroom unit
~350 SF studio
~500SF one bedroom unit
Living room in a ~900 sf ADU
Living room/Dining area/Kitchen in a ~920 sf ADU
Bedroom in a ~950 SF ADU

It all starts with a site visit and feasibility report. Any builder will charge you for the feasibility report – and the costs range from $1000 to $4500 – because it takes time and knowledge. Feasibility report includes the analysis of your city regulations, site analysis, and in our case – several options to build – often with different construction methods. By going with feasibility report through a builder – you lock yourself into the construction methods and vendors that this builder knows. What if there are other options that will work better for your site and situation?