Is modular construction better?

Have you always wondered if modular construction is an environmentally better option? Building Green has recently did a write up on 13 potential sustainability benefits of modular construction.

In case you are wondering, what is Building Green: BuildingGreen, Inc. is an independent, mission-based consultancy and publisher based in Brattleboro, Vermont. For over 20 years, BuildingGreen has been the trusted source on healthy and sustainable design and construction strategies available online and in-person through consulting and training services.

The modular construction approach means a building’s large-scale modularized components are prefabricated in an offsite manufacturing facility for rapid assembly onsite.

There are obvious benefits like reduced material waste and reduced disruption to the site and your neighbors.

The common downsides are transportation costs and weather protection while in transit. If you decide to go modular, do not forget to address these issues.

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