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We work with several construction crews, experienced ADU builders – we can build modular, container or custom stick-built or wall panel backyard homes. We have quite a library of floor plans for ADU homes that we can build in your backyard for you. You and your backyard are unique, so is our solution for your backyard.

Not sure which floor plan will work for you?

We can help to select the best fit. We will ask you several questions about your property and your requirements for the ADU house plan, and then show what we think will work. Feel free to challenge us if what shows is off.

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ADU house plans for a 250 sf studio

This detached ADU floor plan is ideal for smaller backyards as a home office, guest room, art studio or living quarters for a caretaker or au pair.

ADU house plans for a 500 sf one bedroom/one bathroom accessory dwelling unit

This detached accessory dwelling unit plan is ideal for renting out if you have a smaller backyard or for a home office/guest room combo.

Accessory dwelling unit

ADU house plans for a 750 sf 2 bedroom/one bathroom backyard home

This detached ADU plan will fit the lifestyle of your adult kid or older parent, also suitable for renting out to a couple of friends or small family.

ADU house plans for a 1000 sf 2 bedroom/2 bathroom backyard cottage

This detached accessory dwelling unit plan is perfect for renting to a family with kids, or comfortable retirement living. Pure social good.

Not sure which floor plan will work for you?

*Costs shown are for ground up new construction on a flat lot in the Bay Area and include plans, permits, labor and materials.
**All ADU homes must have a kitchenette.

Square Footage Number of bedrooms Number of bathrooms Cost of new construction*
250 SF Studio** 1 $170,000+
500 SF 1 1 $250,000+
750SF 2 1 $300,000+
1000 SF 2 2 $350,000+
Start with Feasibility

It all starts with site visit and feasibility report.

Do you want to know what the most frequent mistake is we see homeowners make? They dive into design of the ADU floor plan and architectural drawings for their ADU homes before checking the zoning and site constraints. Do not miss this step. It might look like you are saving money, but it will come to bite you afterwards.

You cannot save money during construction. In fact, you can not save money after submitting for permit. All savings are made at the planning and design stage.

You can also click the button below to find one straight away or schedule a site visit to confirm feasibility.

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