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In-law unit

Advantages of building an in-law unit as ADU

TLDR: this is a faster, more flexible solution. Recently, new legislation that makes it easier for homeowners to build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) has come into effect in California. This legislation could not have come at a better time as ADU homes solve many issues, including reducing the housing crisis in California and giving homeownersContinue reading “Advantages of building an in-law unit as ADU”

Custom Backyard home

Costs of getting a building permit for your ADU

How much does it cost to get a permit for an accessory dwelling unit?It does not matter if you are building your accessory dwelling unit with a modular company, or a custom backyard cottage with a traditional stick-built builder, you will need to get the building permit from your city. There is no escaping this cost.

Convert a detached garage into an ADU

A garage conversion might be the least expensive option for adding living space if one can confirm the structural integrity of the foundation and walls.

Green Building and ADUs

How do CalGreen Building Code requirements relate to ADUs? CalGreen Mandatory Measures are a requirement of the California Green Building Standards Code. These mandatory measures are required on all new homes and residences. Furthermore, they also apply to additions and alterations which increase the building’s conditioned area, interior volume, or size.  But be careful, notContinue reading “Green Building and ADUs”

Estimating change orders

There are two extreme points of view in construction – one side thinks change orders are evil, the other calls them a blessing. Why? The first group is worried about being efficient. And about how adding to scope of work delays the job’s completion and makes the schedule go South. The second group takes advantageContinue reading “Estimating change orders”

Keeping our homes from burning

We love revealing myths. Let’s reveal some myths about causes of fire. If you are thinking of building, spend 8 minutes on this video. Early December we had an event, where the guest speaker was Richard Halsey, a writer, photographer, and the director of the California Chaparral Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational organization dedicated toContinue reading “Keeping our homes from burning”

Ways to finance your ADU

If you are wondering what is the best way to finance your ADU, here is a chart from an experienced mortgage broker that should help you out. There is no simple way to finance an ADU, most people use several solutions to get to the finish line. And it is always a variable between yourContinue reading “Ways to finance your ADU”


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