About us

Courtesy of Palo Alto Weekly

I am Olesia, founder of Home WiP.

I started this website to organize information about the backyard cottages and show a step by step process on how to add one to your own backyard.

This is what HomeWiP does on bigger new home construction projects. If you are new to construction, our company offers pre-construction and design services that will get you faster to the building permit. We start from an idea and lead homeowners all the way – through design and permitting – to execution.

Do not know where to start? Schedule a call to discuss. We have been helping dozens of homeowners like you.

I believe any homeowner needs to be an educated consumer of construction services – this is what we offer: not just options, but clear trade-offs between them. Not just a big lump sum budget, but where the money will go.

The construction industry has changed a lot in recent years, talking to a contractor is not the first step of construction process any longer. A homeowner has an option to go traditional, wall panels, modular, home kit or even 3D. There is no contractor who can do all. We as a home building concierge service – can.

Please schedule a call to discuss – we literally save you more money than we charge for our services. Watch our events to get to know us better.