Remote video inspections

San Jose is pioneering remote video inspections! Read details here. But projects that qualify for Remote Video Inspection include:

  1. 1)  Air conditioning replace or add
  2. 2)  Main Water Service Replacement
  3. 3)  Furnace Replacement
  4. 4)  Sanitary Sewer Replacement
  5. 5)  Water Heater Replacement
  6. 6)  Property Line Sewer Cleanouts
  7. 7)  Re-Roofs
  8. 8)  Simple Bathroom Remodels Without Architectural Modifications
  9. 9)  Simple Kitchen Remodels Without Architectural Modifications
  10. 10)  Foundation Bolt and Brace Seismic Retrofit
  11. 11)  Gas pressure test
  12. 12)  Gas meter release
  13. 13)  Temporary power pole (electrical specialty only)
  14. 14)  Electric service panel upgrade (electrical specialty only)
  15. 15)  Battery Storage Bracket Installation
  16. 16)  Pre-approved correction re-inspection (must be noted on previous correction notice)


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