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Is modular construction better?

Have you always wondered if modular construction is an environmentally better option? Building Green has recently did a write up on 13 potential sustainability benefits of modular construction. In case you are wondering, what is Building Green: BuildingGreen, Inc. is an independent, mission-based consultancy and publisher based in Brattleboro, Vermont. For over 20 years, BuildingGreen […]

Can ADU be 2 stories?

Depends. If it is a detached ADU, and you have a two story main house, then the answer is likely YES with a maximum height of 24 feet! If the main house is one story, then the answer is no, but a loft space might be possible – depending on the maximum allowed height in […]

The guru of ADU land

If one could name just one ADU advocate, it will definitely be Kol Peterson. The resource that he had collected over the years is incredible. He is thorough. His advice on planning is 10 steps. The best part: Take your time with the design. Go back and forth with your designer and your builder, and […]

Resource: AARP on ADU

We have talked and written extensively on the subject of an accessory dwelling unit as a way to manage your retirement living. From traditional multigenerational living, letting caretakers live in the unit, using it for your music teacher’s or art studio to making it a home base while you travel and rent the main house […]

Remote video inspections

San Jose is pioneering remote video inspections! Read details here. But projects that qualify for Remote Video Inspection include: 1)  Air conditioning replace or add 2)  Main Water Service Replacement 3)  Furnace Replacement 4)  Sanitary Sewer Replacement 5)  Water Heater Replacement 6)  Property Line Sewer Cleanouts 7)  Re-Roofs 8)  Simple Bathroom Remodels Without Architectural Modifications […]

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