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ADU viewed from Los Altos Hills

Los Altos Hills town leaders have to abide by State ADU regulations. But they have discovered a way to ultimately get what they want: offer incentives for adhering to original town planning regulations.  If adopted in May, a new ordinance introduced at the latest city council meeting will provide increased building height and additional floor […]

Los Altos take on ADU

Here comes an update on what had been happening in Los Altos. Local volunteers ran an online event with several builders showcasing their units. “The city of Los Altos is still in the infancy stage of streamlining its ADU permitting process, Guido Persicone said. His goal, in the next few months, is to create more […]

Can ADU have kitchen?

It must. Otherwise it will not be an ADU. It also must have a bathroom. And a bedroom or two. Check your town website for the details. But here is what the law says: “Accessory dwelling unit” means an attached or a detached residential dwelling unit that provides complete independent living facilities for one or […]

Converting a garage into a studio

Curious about converting your garage into a studio? Garage conversions are an interesting solution to add passive income, if you can decide where to put all the clutter that you have been storing there. This is one way to add an ADU that does not require taking up the backyard space. As someone who lived […]

Can we build ADU without kitchen?

Sorry, no. This will be called a detached bedroom. What usually happens is that people use the open space concept that unites kitchen, dining room and living room into one comfortable open space. The regulations also give you a list of appliances that you are expected to install for a legal ADU unit. Just imagine […]

ADU and property taxes.

The best source of information on this one is the office of your County’s Assessor. So far, as an example, the Santa Clara County has been known to say that if new construction occurs only on a portion of property, then the newly constructed portion is re-assessed and assigned its own base year value. The […]

How many ADUs can you have?

Two. One ADU (attached or detached) and one Junior ADU, that is usually a part of the main house (existing living space).

Popular questions about ADUs

A realtor kept hearing questions from her clients. How much does it cost to build an ADU? How long does it take to build an ADU? How do I know I can build an ADU? Check if you have the same questions and our answers to them. TLDR: it depends:)

Zoning for ADU, online

For the lucky residents of San Jose and San Francisco, you can check the possibility of an ADU online. Yes, you read it right. Symbium is using its computational law engine for zoning regulations and streamlining the ADU developments across California with its complex approach. You can go on www.symbium.com, type in your address and […]

ADU permit in 60 days

No comments in 60 days – consider it approved. I have heard stories of homeowners waiting for two years to get their ADUs permitted. That was before 2020. Today, statewide, if you get no comments from your planning department in 60 days, you may consider your ADU approved. To quote the government: This bill would […]

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